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Infinit Nutrition
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Complex carbohydrates to fuel cycling, running, triathlon and other endurance training. Pure fuel for energy and endurance — Gluten free. No dyes or preservatives. Create Your Mix Today. Customized Energy Mixes. Money Back Guarantee. Free Shipping over $125.

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"Your time in the pool should be spent focusing on technique instead of fussing over your gear. We’ve spent years crafting the world’s first custom-fit goggles that are designed specifically to match the contours of your face. Our goggles are more comfortable, don’t leak and won’t leave pressure marks around your eyes."

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Our mission is two-fold: One, to educate outdoor enthusiasts about the importance of wearing ID. Two, to provide these athletes with innovative identification products that they will want to include as part of their gear.

We reviewed this product on our YouTube channel.


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Xpand Shoe Laces

The No Tie Lace System

Those other laces just don't hold up. Try the original no tie shoelaces today! No tie elastic laces that fit snug, every time. Choose from over 40 colors! Variety of Colors.


Pro Compression   

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Premium Compression Running Socks

Not all compression socks are made equal and we have a sock (or sleeve) for EVERYONE–from elite endurance athletes to nurses and anyone who makes a living on their feet.

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The Science

We're endurance athletes, and we love our coffee.

But how is this coffee different from your average cup? Our coffee is infused with essential electrolytes. So it not only tastes great, it also aids athletic performance. 

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     Landshark Endurance is an open level co-ed multi-sport endurance team that welcomes members of all backgrounds from beginners to elites. Who are interested in Pushing Their Limits swimming, biking, and running or whatever else you like. We support our members with group workouts, social events and educational clinics and workshops.
    Lead by USAT Coach Jaclyn Fahey, multiple Ironman Finisher, ultra marathoner, Yogi Instructor, and swim coach whose mission is to foster the sport of endruance in the Long Island area and the greater New York area by providing opportunities to learn and participate in the sport and by promoting healthy and sustainable living that can be realized through involvement in the sport and through training.
     If you are interested in anything endurance sports related contact us!

     Team BlueLine is a Nonprofit (501c3) Organization that exists to help the families of law enforcement officers who have selflessly given their lives, limbs, and otherwise sacrificed themselves in the line of duty.

     One of the ways we raise money is through Team BlueLine Racing. Members of our Racing Team participate in triathlons, cycling races, road races, and trail runs across the United States.

     Not an athlete? Not a problem! Join Team BlueLine as a donor and supporter of our brothers & sisters in blue. -

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