Endurance Coaching Philosophy

Every Journey Starts With A Dream

Athletes seek out a coach in search of a plan; their path to reach a dream goal they may have. Whether it be a couch to 5k, or securing a qualifying spot in a grand stage event, the coach is there to not only light the path, but guide the athlete safely and effectively toward that dream.

There are certain keys to making progress in endurance sports: discipline, consistency, sustainability and balance. My most important belief is the last one, balance, followed by discipline, which then builds consistency. After all this is done in a measurable and safe manner, sustainability can be achieved.

Here, we use the S.M.A.R.T. system in setting up the athletes goals

S – Specific – Set real goals with real deadlines

“I want to run 4:15 at the NYC marathon in November 2022”

M – Measurable – Make sure your goal is trackable

“I will track this goal using training zones and fitness tracking”

A – Attainable – Work towards a goal that is challenging, but possible

The Athletes currently runs a 4:20-4:25 Marathon time. "Rome wasn’t built in a day."

R – Realistic – Be honest with yourself- you know what you are capable of

Only you will know how much more effort and time you can put into your training

T – Time Bound – Give yourself a deadline

Don’t tell yourself I hope to run a 4:15 marathon “someday”

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About The Coach

Ken Tymecki Jr, started his journey when he decided to start running again. This simple act of taking the first step has led to a pretty epic plunge into endurance sports. He has competed in MANY run races; ranging from 5k to full marathons working his was to the podium consistently. Trails runs; from 5k to the Ultra Distance. Triathlons; from sprint distance to Full 140.6.

Here are some notable accomplishments:

-5 Time 70.3 Finisher

-Ironman Finisher

-3 Time Ironman All World Athlete

-Ultra Trail Runner

-USAT Triathlon Age Group National Qualifier

-USAT Duathlon Age Group National Qualifier

-Ironman University Certified Coach

-UESCA (United Endurance Sports Coaching Academy) Certified Run Coach

-Assistant Captain for Team Blueline Racing

-Active Charity Fundraiser for Team Blueline

-16 Year Law Enforcement Veteran/NYS Certified Police Instructor

-Medically Trained to NYS EMR Status

Enjoy The Process

Here at Givin_It_A_Tri we take the confusion and stress out of your training plans to create a more enjoyable training experience. We will utilize different phases in your training throughout the year.

Foundation – This is the most important part of training, we talk about strengths and tackle weaknesses, and put into action how we will improve and get better for the following phases. This is typically 6 months out from your goal events.

Preparation – We start to build your fitness towards that S.M.A.R.T. goal. The skills and weaknesses that were worked on during the foundation phase will start to get sharpened with specific training and improved skill.

Race – We are specifically deep into a training plan, training in race like conditions based on what type of event you have and the race course conditions (hilly terrain etc.) and continuing to hone your individual strengths and weaknesses.


SPECIAL PROMO - Free Coaching Orientation Call – 30mins - No Commitment Needed!

-We will discuss where you have been, where you’re going and how we are going to get there.

- We offer multiple levels of coaching to fit your needs and budget.

-Plans can be slightly varied to suit the needs of the individual.

-Upon Commitment $75 Intake Startup fee per Athlete

-3 Tiered pricing plan to fit your level and need for coaching, Self-Guided, Premium and Premium +

-Minimum 3 month commitment, 30 day notice to cancel and payment due by the first Monday of the month.

Training Peaks Store 

Check back frequently to see our options within the Training Peaks Store for available training plans.

We are adding plans weekly to this store!

-5k to Marathon Distance Plans

-50k Trail Running Plan

-Half Iron Distance Triathlon Plan

-Full Iron Distance Triathlon Plan

-Strength Training Plans

Contact the email below to find out if we have a plan right for you! We can discuss options and put a plan together for you. These plans are great for the Self-Guided option training level plan. 

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