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$86,400 Deposited To You Each Day

What if I told you I could deposit $86,400 a day into your bank account......with one exception, at the end of the day whatever was left in the account was gone forever!

So...... what would you do? I can assure you we would all have one goal, make sure that account says $0 by the end of the day, draw out every last cent. We may have different views or ways on how we would go about spending, giving, or simply wasting that money. One sure way to make that money last over time is to invest it! Take that money and put it somewhere that will help grow over time so you can become the richest version of yourself.

Now think about this.... each one of us has such a bank, each morning it credits you with 86,400 seconds. Every night it writes off what you do not invest wisely. It carries no balance, allows no over draft, if you fail to use the days deposit the loss is yours, you can not draw off of tomorrow. You must live in the present on today's deposit. Invest it in every opportunity, the clock is running, make the most of today right here, right now.

Lets take a look now how to invest in this time which is more valuable than money. Money is a tangible object that we can always make more of and work hard for. Time on the other hand is something that will run out one day weather we want it to or not.


Every morning we have a choice about the attitude we embrace for that day, we cannot change the past, the inevitable, but we can change one thing, our attitude. Enjoy today, don't spend the day negative and defeated. No matter how bad the day, there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. Invest those first dollars (minutes) of the day on setting up your attitude for the day. Did you know that if you took 1% of your day to plan the other 99% of the day it would only take you 14 minutes?


No don't oversleep in hopes that you'll have another. See something beyond where you are at right now. Dream big, create a vision of what you want to be and put yourself in that mindset for the day, Tell yourself I am successful, I am prosperous. Believe you can do all things!


Did you know its almost impossible to be upset when you smile? If you wake up in a bad mood or steaming over how you were treated the day before, look yourself in the mirror, give yourself a smile and I assure you there is no way you can keep that bad mood. It is almost physically and emotionally impossible to be mad and smiling at the same time.

Someone Stole My Money

So if you had $86,400 and someone stole $10, $20, or $50 from you, would you throw the rest away? Absolutely not, so don't let 1 disappointment, 1 persons comments or reactions determine how you spend the rest of the money. Chalk it up as a lose and continue on with your investing for the day.

So tomorrow, treat your seconds like dollars. you wouldn't throw that money away each day. But the fact that time is irreplaceable, is almost incomprehensible to us, this is why we don't take these precious seconds for granted, we would rather waste our seconds worrying about dollars. Just remember the bank of time is without a doubt going to run out one day. We cannot carry over any of this time to anyone else like we can with money. This is why the richest place is considered the graveyard. Imagine all the ideas, and things we didn't invest with our time, buried with these souls. Think of the inventions we didn't have, the loved ones we didn't love and the dreams we didn't chase after.

The Big Take Away

The biggest take way from all this is, if tomorrow your time account ran out for good, would you be happy with the way you invested the last few seconds today?

*the idea of 86,400 is not an original idea of mine, this is just an interpretation of the idea in my words*

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